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by CreeperHang » 3 months ago

MiningMan Release 1.0

Rejoice! The first page of the new chapter has been written down. Truly, this is the moment MiningMan is born!


1️⃣ Invite Rewards!

Invite your friends to the Discord server to get awesome rewards!

5 Invites : 3 Diamond Crate Keys

10 Invites : 1 Normal Treasure Chest ( Cosmetics Chest )

15 Invites : Donator Rank Upgrade (eg. Member -> Survive, Survive -> Hyper)

You can no longer invite people after 26th September, 2019 11:59pm (GMT+0)


2️⃣ Server Store 60% Off Sale!

To celebrate the release of MiningMan, there will be a 60% Off for everything in the store!

In order to support the server, your donations are really needed!

Sales end 30th September, 2019 11:59pm (GMT+0)


Stay hyped as there will be more events announced soon !

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