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MiningMan Release 1.2 2 months ago

MiningMan Release 1.2

Living Update

- Change in Housing System

   - You can now buy houses instead of rent houses

   - Your house will be sold by itself if you haven't been online for 1 week

- Change in Sleeping System

  - People who sleep for at least 3 hours(in-game time) until morning will get a regeneration for 3 minutes(real time)

- More furnitures added

- Tutorial Updated

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MiningMan Release 1.1 2 months ago

MiningMan Release 1.1

Greek Update

- Added 6 Greek Bosses

   - Ares

   - Hera

   - Zephyrus

   - Athena

   - Hades

   - Pallas

- Added Obsidian Armor Set to Diamond Crate

- Adjusted difficulty of all bosses

- Normal Mobs drop gold coins instead of gold pouches (Only bosses drop gold pouches)

- Bug fixes

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MiningMan Release 1.0 3 months ago

MiningMan Release 1.0

Rejoice! The first page of the new chapter has been written down. Truly, this is the moment MiningMan is born!


1️⃣ Invite Rewards!

Invite your friends to the Discord server to get awesome rewards!

5 Invites : 3 Diamond Crate Keys

10 Invites : 1 Normal Treasure Chest ( Cosmetics Chest )

15 Invites : Donator Rank Upgrade (eg. Member -> Survive, Survive -> Hyper)

You can no l...

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