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Team MiningMan, one of the World's leading Minecraft-Events service providers. From virtual music festivals to RPG Server with a unique storyline and custom entities. We unite and connect through music, as we break through the dark times as a whole. We are one, but we are many, and we are here to support each other. We had over 7 years of Minecraft Event Hosting Experiences, and most importantly, MiningMan is not just your friendly festival host, but a symbol, a sign that inspires, a sign that unites gamers and ravers, and we are here to help each other and build a better community!


Music for Heroes


Charity Virtual Music event with over 30 Artists from NCS, Monstercat, Proximity...

Dracula Castle


It's the time of the year, where Graves turn into Raves to celebrate Spooktober...

End of Time 


When days are dark and stars don't line We're always and forever 'til the end...

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