Another year of Qingming

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Jan 21, 2019
Another year of Qingming came as expected Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online, and the people who went to the grave went to the graves of their ancestors. There, you burned a few banknotes in the grave, and put a few plates of the money that the dead can eat. When the banknotes are burned to ashes, then the wine is poured into a circle. At the end, several heads are smashed. The grave is finished. On the occasion of leaving, if the hearted descendants suddenly remembered that their ancestors had the habit of smoking, they would inevitably put a few of them on the grave and let the ancestors of the deceased also have a cigarette addiction. Will leave with peace of mind. The grave! It is still lonely, only the paper ash or tribute in front of the grave will make people see a little vitality, but this life will not be long before it will disappear, and everything belongs to the dust. As someone has said Marlboro Red 100S Carton Price, "Life is naked, and after death, it can't take away a cloud that looks like a simple Newport Short, ordinary life Buy Marlboro Cigarettes, but it also differs slightly because of people's personality. But in short, no matter who is good or evil before birth, Whether it is poor or rich, they are all rid of death, and they only occupy a little place after death. Think about the intrigues of the people before their death. In the end, they are not the same destination. Think about the dead, the living can also If you can't take care of the grave of the dead, only the Qingming can make a few heads in front of the grave every year, then the deceased will not return to their homes and return to their own homes. Just like. No one will miss tomorrow's things because today is Qingming; no one will think of why life is alive, wealth, rights, enjoyment, or fame and fortune because today is Qingming. Perhaps this is modern people. Lifestyle and habits! - Live in the momentIn the childhood, the Ching Ming Festival has never been "rainy", on the contrary, it is always the wind and the sun. Maybe it��s because young people don��t do things, maybe because all the relatives: parents and brothers, grandparents, grandmothers, uncles and aunts are all alive, there is nothing to be sad. If life continues like a flower, then I am a flower The outsiders are crowded and squatting for me, I am safe and worry-free. Besides, adults go to the graves to cherish, but we are not. Usually, adults are busy with their livelihoods. There are not many time for us to travel. Now we go out with adults, as if we are going to play. There is a clearing of the Lijiang River, the weather is already very warm, the sun is always shining, and the wicker is full of tender leaves. Folded a few paragraphs, knitted into a cap on the top of the head, soft leaves licking the skin, so comfortable, body and mind seems to be integrated into the fresh and gentle spring, the wicker cool hat is like the messenger I communicate with nature. Responsible for walking, Chai pot rice dishes have their own uncles, they carry them, they carry heavy weight, but they are taking the prestige. So chasing the wind and playing the butterfly, teasing the dog and catching the duck, all the way. The grave of the ancestors was in the terrace of the river in the north side of the home, 7 and 8. I don��t know why I chose so far, because it is because of the good feng shui on the back of the mountain. When I go back every hour, I can't move. I envy those people who are close to the graveyard. Now I want to come. The roadmaster has also extended the time and good things with my loved ones. When it��s time, the adults cook and cook, we are looking for wild garlic in the ground. I feel that the time is not long, then the food has been fragrant. Helped to serve the dishes, and was organized into groups to divide the group. Good holy gods, one by one, no longer play mischievous. Open the meal, there is a fragrance different from the meal at home, probably with the fragrance of flowers and plants, the fragrance of the sun, the fragrance of the stone Newport Cigarettes For Sale. The sky is a shed, the ground is a chair, the breeze is bibimbap, and the birds are served. It��s a luxurious extravagance! How many years have passed, and it��s not a time to refill a cup of water and wine in the old memory, and pay homage to the past.