cheap Wifi PTZ Camera

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Feb 19, 2019
H.264 HD encoding solution
H.264 HD encoding solution, perfect combination of excellent picture quality and the best compression ratio, keeping good balance between the contradictory clarity and size of surveillance video. Successfully improve the transmission efficiency and transmission rate.

2D+3D Digital noise reduction
Reduce imaging noise, to make the quality of monitoring more delicate
Motion detection
Motion detection alarm and video

Automatic gain control
Automatic backlight compensation, help the camera to better shoot in back lighting scenario
Automatic white balance
High color reproduction, natural image.
Strong light suppression
Enhanced video processing,so that the camera can still clearly imaging in strong light environment

Day and night modes
In insufficient Ambient light, light switch open automatically

During night, no color cast for light and dark junction; automatic color to black function, all day monitoring

video active enhancement
Support video active enhancement, screenshot capture, three stream transmission and many other enhancements
Low illumination
The minimum illumination is as low as 0.001 Lux, in the dark conditions you can get useful video
2MP wifi solar dome camera with 55W solar panel and 24Ah Lithium iron phosphate battery
Solar system
Solar panel 55W High efficiency mono solar panel
Battery 24Ah Lithium iron phosphate battery
Compression H.264 Baseline Profile
Image Sensor 1/3” 2Megapixel progressive scan CMOS
lens 4/6/8/12/16/25mm for choice
WiFi Standard 802.11b/g/n, Max 72Mbps cheap Wifi PTZ Camera