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Jan 21, 2019
During the summer vacation, I followed a famous journey by the famous British writer Jonathan Swift. first stop on the journey is the small country. In the country of the villain, the length, width and height of all things are only 1/12 of the normal scale, and the height of the residents is only 15 centimeters. Gulliver is like a big mountain there, and I have to eat a few cars for a meal Newport Cigarettes With Newyork Stamps. However, the partisanship of the Liren Puli in the villain country is divided into camps by the height of the heel. The two parties are guilty of intrigue, fighting for power and profit, and do not stop.econd stop of the journey is the Great Country. Here, everything is contrary to the small country, the height of the residents is 18 meters, and the wheat is also more than ten meters high. Gulliver has become a "little pet." Gulliver introduced himself to the king about his own system, but he brought in a series of questions. It turns out that the system of the Da Renguo is simple and simple, and they are completely ignorant of the practices of the British.third stop of the journey is the Flying Island State. People here have doubts fourth stop of the journey is Huiyi. Here the horse is the carrier of reason, and the humanoid animal "Yehu" is an evil and dirty beast. There is no such thing as "lie" and "deception" in the language. They don't know what is "suspicion" and what is "distrust".the way, what I hate most is the Xiaorenguo. The favorite is Huiyi.ociety of the small country is the epitome of the British society at that time, and it is turbulent. And Hui Yiguo is an ideal country of Jonathan. Maybe he is a good friend with Tao Yuanming, and together he will enter the future and enter the Taohuayuan in hisern society can be as good as Hyelin, there is no deception, suspicion, jealousy, framedness, conspiracy, bribery... Goodness is dominant. Real life is full of injustice, look at it, killing people, arsf a little love, let the society have a little more sunshine and less pollution. In spring, the vegetables grown in the fields are budded; the grass in the mountains is refreshed; the flowers in the mountains are ready to show their charm again. Everything is full of life, and there is a vibrant side everywhere. The peach trees in front of the house are blooming again, and the pink flowers are beautiful under the green leaves. The bird still likes to stop on the palm of the big tree and keep talking. I know, it is to tell us that the spring of the year is coming again! The year is in the spring, and the farmer��s uncle is also ready to plant. Walking on the trail, the road is full of green and green, like the night sky is generally fascinating. Grass girl, are you telling us that this is your place? All the way to the past is all green, a new life, a new hope, a new year, ha to remind us to know your existence. Moreover, how can your flaming body let us ignore it! This violent sun shines directly on us, but fortunately, now is the time for the big tree brother to play his own role, which green and green leaves sway gently, well, this is to invite us to sit down below. It��s a pleasure for us to enjoy the coolness under the nto golden leaves; the rice in the field was overwhelmed; the peach blossoms in front of the house turned into a gold and silver fruit, which made people look at the mouth. I like to climb to the tree with my friends and pick it up. It��s just that the peach has hair on it. It will be itchy if it doesn��t take long. Autumn is also a busy season. Autumn girls are transnational mountains; swim across the creek; step through the fields to report to us! Look, the results of the peasant uncles are all there. Everyone is busy collect disappeared. It must be hibernating. How long does it take to wake up? Look, the leaves of the big tree brother are covered with layers of snow Newport Soft Pack Carton, definitely heavy? Xiaoxi��s sister has a layer of ice on her body. Is it uncomfortable? In winter, wherever you go is a piece of whiteness Newport Cartons Sold In The Usa. Everyone is baking at home to resist the cold. Winter iven-year spring and seven-year winter witnessed my growth, watching me become a young teenager who was exported from a small child. Ah, it��s been four years since I left my hometown, and those scenes have been remembered. The peach blossom that went back to my home that year was already smashed, and my heart couldn��t say whether it was sad or not. In the evening, I looked at the peach tree in front of the door. I used to climb up with my friends to pick peaches Cheep Newports With Stamps. I used to hold it together and hold it. I used to know it on my body. Stop knowing. The scene that used to be like it happened yesterday Wholesale Cigatettes, watching the stars in the night are still there. It��s just that things are gone.