In the autumn, the mood im

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Jan 21, 2019
In the autumn, the mood immediately becomes peaceful, just like the world in this autumn rain, neither cold nor hot. The expectations and dreams of the early spring, as well as the struggle and moving in the summer, are insignificant at the moment. Only the calmness of the sorrow and sorrow of the heart is as refreshing as the rain. Standing in a corner of the construction site, like a autumn scorpion hiding between the branches and leaves, gathering wings, not moving, let the wind breeze, rain and rain. The most beautiful life, perhaps it is quiet, long years, but there is no place for sorrow and joy, but how can my heart be silent? Since coming out of the mountains, there are many expectations and hopes behind me, and The inner struggle for the bondage of fate. Looking into the distance, the rain curtain is not the eyes, but the heart. This autumn rain has been going on for many days, and it��s coming and going again and again. Maybe it��s just raining, but the next moment is clouding rain. The wet air is permeating every corner of the site, and busy people seem to be unaware. In order to survive, or to live better, the mud in the autumn rain can't wrap a pair of forward feet, even if it is deep or shallow. I know, I am the same, because I may understand that life is made up of the floral fragrance of spring, the hot summer, the sweetness of autumn and the warmth of winter Newports 100S Price. Putting aside the effort Carton Of Newport Shorts Price, all the wishes are like a mirror, meaningless. Occasionally, the rain stopped, and the cloud was gently torn open by a wind in the sky. The bright sunshine poured down, showing extra warmth and peace. The blossoming purple pink morning glory, delicate and lazy on the roadside, and a small tree with unknown names are also full of golden flowers, clusters, in the sun, the vitality is very full . Not far away, some of the autumn grass has been yellow, corn seeds are also full, some leaves fall early trees, the ground has been thinly covered with a layer of fallen leaves. This is a complex and simple world, with the fragrance of flowers, the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the rain and the silence of the fallen leaves... In fact, the complexity lies in everything in front of us, but it is simple but from the heart. No matter where you are, the most beautiful life is to advance. The so-called one-meter sunshine is also warm. A fragrance is also spring Free Carton Of Newport Cigarettes. The silence of fallen leaves is not the silence of life, but the endless life Newport Menthol Shorts. Life does not know what it is, and the years do not know its strengths. In this autumn rain, the easiest time to wash away the glitz, the initial heart is unchanged, and move forward smoothly. I quietly walked on the newly built avenue of the construction site Buying Marlboro Cigarettes Online, the ear, the autumn wind blew, the cypress branches and leaves beside the road patted gently, and the shattered rain, like a clear spring flowing slowly in the heart, a cool Quiet and indifferent breath is not scattered. I think that if the heart is indifferent, if you are safe, you will be safe if you are born. I can't help but think of one sentence: The most important thing for people is not where you are standing, but what direction you are moving in. Many times people are trapped not by the outside, but by their own hearts. I continued to walk. In the autumn rain, my heart beat with the rolling of the rain, and the new avenue under the foot was a smooth road.