On February 1st, the last

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Jan 21, 2019
On February 1st, the last working day, the end of 2018, there is no awareness, just like this, and quietly passed a year, approaching the new year to think 2018, is a wonderful year, met so many People who are worth remembering, waiting for so many people, accompanied by people who have gone a long way, the memory is so profound, can not recall, just because the pictures all come to mind, it is full of emotions, tears and tears. In the middle of the year, I decided to lose weight. Every morning, I had a bowl of milk oatmeal, lunch noon, dinner vegetables and meat (try not to eat starch as a staple food). This habit has been kept for a year, and occasionally I will indulge myself. When the weight is floating back, the heartache is endless. Self-control makes people's mental health more healthy. So I have deep experience, but it is appropriate to go home and relax. Don't worry about my family. I mistakenly think that your life is very difficult. Then various sports, running, aerobics, and swimming are all effective. All of them are in the midst of persistence. The mountaineering trip is opened. Some people will not forget when they meet. Some scenes have been memorized. Ascending and looking far, when the sweat is swept away, it is taken away by the breeze. When the scene is in front of you, there is boundlessness. On the one hand, it is a relaxed mood. On the other hand, it is the heart of the waves. It is lush and green Buy Cheap Cigarettes, and can��t help but sigh. The area is vast, beautiful, and magnificent. The corner of the mouth, the heart is filled with an inexplicable touch Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes, often do not know why, can not find the reason for the winter months are gathering, gathering less and more, only unforgettable. At the beginning of October, I also wore summer clothes, at every corner of the street, in every corner of the library, in the countless snack shops in the mall, there were your, my Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, or high-pitched laughter, or subtle whispers. When the end of the winter month, wrapped in you and me, it is already the winter wind, it is warm down, when my hand is put into your pocket, warm my heart, when through the glass, see the warmth of winter Yang, like your smile and kindness. I always know that in this life, you and I will not be separated. In this life, here Cigarettes For Sale Online, I will always be so safe, you are the harbor of the soul, I can feel the warmth of relaxation, you are my parents. Companionship when you can't speak Newport Cigarettes Types. I also know that I am in your heart, so I am especially relieved. Such friendships are rare in life. I hope that the rest of my life will be with each other. You need me. I am always near, the most enjoyable thing is to see my family. The joy, especially for me who came home from time to time, this is not surprising, but every time I think of it, my white unwashed white down jacket, the unique aroma of bacon sausage, the invisible local accent, and finally every day. In the morning, the sound of getting out of bed... If you are in the throat, you can��t speak, your voice is dumb, as if you are short of water. This year's Spring Festival, the New Year's Eve will definitely gather to watch the Spring Festival Evening, because of a small piece, full of laughter; New Year's Day will definitely cook the dumplings in the morning, steaming, a pot of dumplings, broke into each enamel soup bowl; even if the Spring Festival is still Can't put fireworks, quiet streets, reflecting the New Year's liveliness.