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Jan 21, 2019
One year at a clear, one year old Acacia. The Ching Ming Festival is the most time to provoke grief and pain. Every year during the Ching Ming Festival, I also feel the grief of people who come to buy clear flowers. The days have not stopped and mourn for their grief, nor have they been retained for the departure of their loved ones Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale. The flow of time can't erase people's thoughts about their loved ones. It is like a cup of rich wine. Drinking a bite will root the thoughts in the bottom of my heart. Still the little girl who lost her flight, when she came in, the sky was drizzling. She didn't have an umbrella, her hair was covered with tiny raindrops, and she had a small knot in her hand. When I entered the store, I whispered a word: "Sister, pack a bunch of chrysanthemums." I haven't seen her for a year. I still recognize her from her look. I immediately stood up and looked for a paper towel to help her wipe her head Newport Carton Cigarettes. Raindrops. She smiled gratefully at me: "It didn't rain when I went out, but it wasn't raining." I wrapped my chrysanthemums and chatted with her about irrelevant words. Her words are obviously more than last year, remember that she came to the store last year to buy chrysanthemums. I asked, she sighed or did not answer. I know that it was not her impoliteness, but that I saw deep sorrow from her eyes and look Marlboro Wholesale Price. Because we have friends and relatives who know each other, she doesn't mind my concern about her current situation. She still lives alone with her son Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes. For a year, the person who is interested in her, she always refuses, in her heart, living her husband who is deeply in love. She often dreams of him. For a while she dreamed of him every night for half a month. Smile at her, talk to her, or do something normal, eat, fish, play cards on the phone. She said that she dreamed of him again last night. She told her that she hadn��t eaten roots for a long time. I really want to eat. Early in the morning, she went to buy a section of the root to send him. I didn't pick her up because my eyes were filled with tears and my throat swallowed. The flower was wrapped, I calmed down my emotions, looked at him and she was still beautiful and thin face, said to her: "Let's put it down, put it a little bit." She took the bouquet silently and looked at the blossoming eyes. Chrysanthemum, gently rubbed a piece of petal with your hand: "Come on, let me know how long it will take." Outside the store, the drizzle of the silk is still floating. She smiled a little at the corner of her mouth and said, "Thank you," he left. I looked at the back of her departure, moved by her infatuation and perseverance, and felt her mental state better from her words and expressions. Time is a ruthless sword, and the sword refers to the pain in the bottom of my heart. In this heartbreaking pain, we clearly understand the burden on our shoulders. Even if you are alone, you must go strong. At lunch time, the beautiful classmate called and gave him a bouquet of chrysanthemums. Go to her husband who has passed away for many years, and send to our common classmates. For many years, my classmates have slowly come out of grief and live a new life. But she also changed her identity from a daughter-in-law to a daughter. Acting for people, praised. I am so happy when I think of the classmates in the loess. In another world Free Newport Carton, he will surely protect his wife, daughter, and relatives in this world. The beautiful girl picked me the best flower here and smiled and drove away. Today she is strong and independent, and has propped up a big family. I pray for her in my heart: everything will be bad, and the future will be clear, even if it is separated from the yin and yang of the loved ones, the line of thoughts will never be cut, perhaps it will condense into an eternal life in our hearts. The flower will never wither, we just hide it in this season of miss, remembering this festival, we are not happy, just say good!