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Jan 21, 2019
What is the reason for people to live? We will always ask ourselves when we are in a state of utter disappointment. Is it for the sake of their own mission to travel in the world, for the sake of some unspeakable belief, or just for a simple existence? Life is a step by step, who is the person who set the game, you and I have no way of knowing . We always go from this lively dance floor to the lonely stage, and play it, nothing more than you, nothing more than me. Under the time of Zhan Zhan, if you say a few words of yin and yin, you will have a warm and cold tea. The world, the most dusty, the most vast, and most ruthless, clearly gave us the corner of the shelter, but the heart has no place. But we are still wishful in the world, a mountain, a journey of water, carrying a bag to go to the distance, for the dream of the heart. Everything is different, and the feelings are different. The places where life meets different fascinations are also different. Some people are obsessed with the waterfront of the south of the Yangtze River, and the Qingyue plum blossoms are clear, some people are eager for the desert sand, Xiao Xiao Yishui's desolation. Some people like to make a wet dream under the window of the old house. Some people are willing to leave their homes to explore the cause and effect stories buried in the ancient wilderness Newport Menthol Shorts. Individuals have their own hometowns, hometowns that grew up from childhood, and hometowns of the soul. The real homeland, Xu is the mountains and blue waters, the stone bridges, the willows, the wooden houses and tranquility. The inner home, Xu is a yellow dust road Newport Cigarettes Cartons Sale, snowy plateau, long winds. We are the most ordinary people, but for the extraordinary dreams of our hearts, we are willing to be a wandering wanderer, and say goodbye to our hometown Marlboro Lights Online, to awaken the ancient and mysterious land, those cultural life that have been silent for thousands of years. It is fleeting, every day we are busy like ants, and we are overwhelmed by life. There is not much time to ask the philosophy of life. When the dust settled, it was discovered that Yuhua had quietly separated from us, and the feeling of seeing each other no longer existed. No one is willing to be a predator when they are born, and I don��t know those who are in the midst of the storm. Straight for a person with no ambition, just want to live a leisurely life, raise some leisure, write some free books. Despite this, my heart will still be ridiculous Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa. When I have nothing, I have to rely on the four seasons of scenery. In summer, I will pick up the lotus and enjoy the cold in the winter. I used to keep a small mountain in the south of the Yangtze River. I built a small courtyard and planted some Flowers and plants, simple window sills, and a few pieces of cloth blouses will be grateful for this quiet and beautiful life. But I don't know, there is a desire in my heart that is difficult to suppress. When I am quiet, I will be enchanted by an ancient song. I will be lost for an old photo. I will be turned into a past by a soulful poetry front. In fact, I can��t catch the lingering time. For thousands of years, the world has changed, and the flow of years has changed. There are not many people to remember. No matter how wide a person's heart is, how many stories can be collected, and in the end, they must be returned to the years. Some people say that this world's scenery, if you want to experience it, will have a deep feeling. However, I thought that the place where the dream arrives can also have a real place. You have never been there. For the first time, you have a sense of being a long time. There is a lot of grass and wood, all of them in the dream, and with a kind of eagerness at first sight, it will be difficult to divide. I am the woman who believes in the relationship. Although she is proud, she always bows her head for some subtle touch. The life itself is actually pure and clean, and as we grow up, it gradually gets too much dust. Everyone's life journey has many inevitable encounters, or courage to face, or rush to escape, all in their own choice. Whether we are strong or weak, we only need to live in this quiet and awkward time, smiling, sad, happy Cigarettes Online Free Shipping Usa, and painful.