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MiningMan Release 1.2

Living Update

- Change in Housing System

   - You can now buy houses instead of rent houses

   - Your house will be sold by itself if you haven't been online for 1 week

- Change in Sleeping System

  - People who sleep for at least 3 hours(in-game time) until morning will get a regeneration for 3 minutes(real time)

- More furnitures added

- Tutorial Updated

- Survival Island is now closed for huge update soon

2 months ago

MiningMan Release 1.1

Greek Update

- Added 6 Greek Bosses

   - Ares

   - Hera

   - Zephyrus

   - Athena

   - Hades

   - Pallas

- Added Obsidian Armor Set to Diamond Crate

- Adjusted difficulty of all bosses

- Normal Mobs drop gold coins instead of gold pouches (Only bosses drop gold pouches)

- Bug fixes

2 months ago

MiningMan Release 1.0

Rejoice! The first page of the new chapter has been written down. Truly, this is the moment MiningMan is born!


1️⃣ Invite Rewards!

Invite your friends to the Discord server to get awesome rewards!

5 Invites : 3 Diamond Crate Keys

10 Invites : 1 Normal Treasure Chest ( Cosmetics Chest )

15 Invites : Donator Rank Upgrade (eg. Member -> Survive, Survive -> Hyper)

You can no longer invite people after 26th September, 2019 11:59pm (GMT+0)


2️⃣ Server Store 60% Off Sale!

To celebrate the release of MiningMan, there will be a 60% Off for everything in the store!

In order to support the server, your donations are really needed!

Sales end 30th September, 2019 11:59pm (GMT+0)


Stay hyped as there will be more events announced soon !

3 months ago


Rules and Punishment

MiningMan Basic Rules and Punishment Handbook



Basic Overview

Social Interaction

Banned/Hacked Modification

Exploit and Others


For players

To have a friendly positive experience in the server with no worry for other player to play unfairly without getting any reasonable punishment.

For servers

To be a more fun places to play and keeping the balance of both the player and their experience. Ensuring to keep a fairly play and enjoyable experience for the sake of everyone.


Please Note...

All player must abide by this roles without exception. All punishment will be taken appropriately if ones broke the rules and punishment by fair judgement and with clear in mind.



-=- Social Interaction -=-

Toxicity: Toxic behavior via in-game chat or elsewhere within the server are not allowed. (Toxicity means, talking smack about the server constantly, don’t mistaken it for being mean about someone).

-> 1st Offense : Verbal Warning

-> 2nd Offense : Formal Warning (/warn)

-> 3rd Offense : 30m mute

-> 4th Offense : 1h mute

-> 5th Offense & Onwards : 1d mute

Spamming: Any kind of spamming in chat are not allowed, this also apply to character spam, command spam (such as tpa spam and pay spam), etc.

-> 1st Offense : Verbal Warning

-> 2nd Offense : Formal Warning (/warn)

-> 3rd Offense : 30m mute

-> 4th Offense : 1h mute

-> 5th Offense : 6h mute

-> 6th Offense & Onwards : 1d mute

Disrespecting, Racist, Harassment or Bullying: towards player or staff. No Inappropriate comments / opinion towards anyone, or use of encouragement for bullying or harassment. (Jokes are okay but not to take it too far)

-> 1st Offense : Formal Warning (/warn)

-> 2nd Offense : 30m mute

-> 3rd Offense : 1h mute

-> 4th Offense & Onwards : 1d mute

Inappropriate names: ( nickname or /nick should not contain any inappropriate words nor unreadable names)

-> 1st Offense : Verbal Warning (state/ask them to change their ign)

-> 2st Offense : Formal Warning (/warn)

-> 3rd Offense : 30m mute

-> 4th Offense & Onwards : 1h mute (only if the player still doesn’t want to change their nickname)

Unintended server advertising: Advertise a server without stating their IP address.

-> 1st Offense : Formal Warning (/warn)

-> 2st Offense : 1h mute

-> 3rd Offense : 6h mute

-> 4th Offense & Onwards : 3d mute

Inappropriate links: such as link to something not suitable to see for public view. (and many more…)

-> 1st Offense : 1d mute

-> 2st Offense : 7d mute

-> 3rd Offense : 14d mute (no appeal)

-> 4th Offense & Onwards : 30d mute (no appeal)

Encouraging player to break the rules: making them spam, use hack, and others. (please note that it’s different from threatening to hack)

-> 1st Offense : Formal Warning (/warn)

-> 2st Offense : 30m mute

-> 3rd Offense : 1d mute

-> 4th Offense & Onwards : 3d mute

Social media advertising: advertise their own twitter or maybe facebook nor instagram and more. (Except youtuber rank which they can advertise their own channel and not other channel without breaking a rule such as spamming)

-> 1st Offense : Formal Warning (/warn)

-> 2st Offense : 1h mute

-> 3rd Offense & Onwards : 1d mute

Impersonating staff: ( pretend and encourage other of you being a part of the staff team )

-> 1st Offense : Formal Warning (/warn)

-> 2nd Offense : 1h mute

-> 3rd Offense : 6h tempban

-> 4th Offense & Onwards : 1d tempban

Threatening to hack, DDoS or DOX: another player or staff.

-> 1st Offense : 3d mute

-> 2nd Offense : 7d tempban

-> 3rd Offense : 14d tempban

-> 4th Offense : PERMANENT ban

Advertising other servers: Advertising an IP address of other server, or inviting a player within the server to join another server whether it is in a public chat or private message, are not allowed.

-> 1st Offense : 14d tempban

-> 2nd Offense : 30d tempban.

-> 3rd Offense : PERMANENT ban



-=- Hacked/Banned Modification -=-

Hacking: any kind of hacked client to make the game unfair is prohibited.

-> 1st Offense : 7d tempban

-> 2nd Offense : 14d tempban (No appeal unless a false ban/reports)

-> 3rd Offense : 30d tempban (No appeal unless a false ban/reports)

-> 4th Offense : PERMANENT ban (you can appeal at forum)

Ban or Mute evading: is an action where the player use another minecraft account to keep playing on the server while their previous account is still banned or muted. We, staff member can see you, so do not try to do this.

-> 1st Offense : 1d tempban (Mute Evading)

-> 2nd Offense : 30d tempban (Ban Evading)


For the list of the hacked/banned modification (hack, cheat, etc). Please refer to this page, click here! There are many of them and you should keep in check with your mod whether it’s safe or not.



-=- Exploit and Others -=-

Scamming with in real life money: are prohibited. (For example both party agree to trade in game currency with donator rank which involved in real life money. One person buy donator rank for the other person but they didn’t gave the in game currency. They will get banned and the person who bought their rank will get a refund. You can ask staff as third person to make safer deal.) Please note that scamming is allowed as long as it’s only involved in game currency.

-> 1st Offense : 30d tempban

-> 2nd Offense : PERMANENT ban.

Exploiting: any possible bug is NOT allowed. You must report it to staff member so they can fix it. Any exploit action will result in a ban.

-> 1st Offense : 7d tempban

-> 2nd Offense : 14d tempban.

-> 3rd Offense : PERMANENT ban

Trading in game currency with third party service: for example with paypal, steam, minecraft account, or any third party service is strictly prohibited. 

-> 1st Offense : 14d tempban

-> 2nd Offense : 30d tempban.

-> 3rd Offense : PERMANENT ban

TPA-Trapping: that one act where you tpa person to you only to gain profit by trolling the player to their death / making them stuck.

-> 1st Offense : 1h tempban

-> 2nd Offense & Onwards : 1d tempban


There’s all there to it, may this list be read before thou embark to the journey of the old good stories. Thank you.


Staff Members reserve the right to enforce additional as they see it fit

-Thou shall be blessed by thee blessing of thy god.

3 months ago


= MiningMan =

With the help of every single effort that other player reports.


Check here whether it’s allowed or safe to be put in your mod, so that you won’t get false banned in the end. Always keep in touch so that this might be get updated at uncertain time.

List of Disallowed Modification:

AimAssist - Helps your aiming 

• AimBot - Automaticallyaim at the closest enemy

• AirWalk - Jump in mid-air (Not NPC Bypassed)

• AntiHurtcam - Prevents the screen from shaking when hurt

• Anti-Burn - Prevent being burnt in fire and lava (Not NPC Bypassed)

• ArmorESP - Shows your enemies' armor

• ArrowTrajectories - Shows the trajectories of fired arrows

• AutoArmor - Automatically put on armor

• AutoAttack - Automatically hits the entity you hover over

• Autobuild - Build structures automatically (Not NPC Bypassed)

• AutoEat - Automatically eat

• Autofish - Automatically catch fish and rethrow rod

• AutoMine - Automatically mine

• AutoRespawn - Automatically respawns after dying

• AutoShoot - Automatically shoots when the arrow is going to hit

• Autosign - PLace signs with text (Not NPC Bypassed)

• AutoSoup - Automatically eat soup

• AutoSteal - Automatically steal all items from chests

• AutoSwim - Automatically swim 

• AutoSword - Automatically draw the best sword on attacks

• AutoTool - Always use the best tool when breaking blocks

• AutoWalk - Automatically walk

• Blink - Simulates lag, making it seem like you are teleporting 

• BowAimbot - Aims the bow for you

• Breadcrumbs - Leaves a trace behind you

• BunnyHop - Automatically jump while sprinting

CameraNoClip - Let the camera in 3rd person go into walls

• CaveFinder - Shows all caves

• ChestESP - Draws a box around chests

• ClickAimbot - Aims at entities when you click your mouse

• ClickAura - Always hit your enemy

• CompassTracer - Shows where your compass points to

• CreativeFly - Fly like in creative mode (Not NPC Bypassed)

• Criticals - Always make a critical hit

• Dolphin - Move faster in water

• FastBeak - Break blocks faster (Not NPC Bypassed)

• FastBow - Shoot arrows at very high speed

• FastEat - Eat food faster (Not NPC Bypassed)

• FastFall - Fall faster

• FastPlace - removes placing delay (Not NPC Bypassed)

• Fightbot - Automatically walk and fight

• Flight - Fly around the world (Not NPC Bypassed)

• Flip - Instantly turn by 180 degrees

• ForceField - Attack all around you 

• Freecam - Fly out of your body like a ghost

• Glide - Fall slower (Not NPC Bypassed)

• GlideFly - Glide up and down (Not NPC Bypassed)

• GodMode - Make you invincible

• HighJump - Jump higher (Not NPC Bypassed)

• Headless - Become a headless player

• Headroll - Be able to look behind yourself

• Horsejump - Automatically jump a horse at maximum height

• InvWalk - Allows movement while inventory opened

• ItemESP - Draws a bow around dropped items

• ItemLabels - Draws a nametag over dropped items

• ixAura - Fully customizable aura

• Jesus - Walk on water

• KillAura - Automatically attack close enemies

• MobESP - Draws a box around mobs and animals

• Moreinventory - Don't drop items from crafting slots

• MultiAura - Combat multiple enemies in front of you

• NoBlind - Negates the Blindness efect

• NoBreakDelay - Disables the delay between block breaking (Not NPC Bypassed)

• NoFall - Negate fall damage (Not NPC Bypassed)

• NoOverlay - Disables water and fire and pumpkin overlays

• NoSlowDown - Prevents the player from slowing down

• Nuker - Destroys all blocks around you (Not NPC Bypassed)

• ParkourJump - Jump when reaching a block's edge

• Pathfinder - Finds a path to a certain point

• Phase - Makes you glitch through walls 

• PlayerESP - Draws a box around players

• Projectiles - See where your arrows are going to land

• Reach - Reach further

• Regen - Regenerate faster (Not NPC Bypassed)

• SafeWalk - Prevents from falling of blocks

• Sneak - makes you always sneak

• Speed - Makes you go really fast! (Not NPC Bypassed)

• Spider - Climb up walls (Not NPC Bypassed)

• Sprint - Always sprint and sprint backwards

• SprintLegit - Always sprint when walking forward

• Step - Makes you step up full blocks (Not NPC Bypassed)

• Timer - Speed up the world (Not NPC Bypassed)

• Tracers - Draws a line to players

• TrueSight/Truevision - Show invisable enemies

• Velocity/Anti-Knockback - Handles the knockback force

• Wallhack - See entities through walls

• Xray - Shows only selected blocks

• Zoot - Gets rid of bad potion effects and keeps the good ones


Staff Members reserve the right to enforce additional as they see it fit

Disclaimer, I did not make this long list by myself. This one was written by someone else and I only took it for this reason only, I did not claim this as my work instead this is someone else work. All I’ve done is copied this only as useful information not for trade or selling purpose. Thank You.


3 months ago