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Prepare for the event:
1. Get a Minecraft account (Minecraft Java Edition!)
2. Install Minecraft Java Edition build 1.12.2 | Instructions
3. Add this address to your server list | Instructions Main Lobby VIP Lobby

During the event:
1. Join our server when the event is open
2. Press "T" and then follow the link in-game or type "/jukebox" to launch the music client that will play the music through your browser
3. Remember to stay at the stages in order to listen to the music, you won't be able to listen to it if you leave the stage

1. If you are experiencing FPS lag, please do the followings:
Turn all graphics settings to "Fast" except for "Particles"
Install Optifine Client | Instructions

2. Make sure you are running version 1.12.2 of Minecraft, or you will be unable to join the server

Check out our video if you still have no idea!

5 months ago

Presenting the MiningMan Music Festival Headline ~ Music for Heroes

This is one of the leading virtual music festivals in 2020. We unite and connect through music, as we break through the dark times as a whole. We are one, but we are many, and we are here to support each other. MiningMan is not just a festival, but a symbol, a sign that inspires, a sign that unites gamers and ravers, we are here to help each other and build a better community!

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We'll see YOU in MiningMan...

5 months ago